Process Planning

Process Design and Analysis

Process development for process design can be summarized through following steps


Our 6 Step Approach To Creating A Website

Over the last six years, we have worked endlessly to perfect our website design process.


We begin with eliciting your requirements to understand brand and the intricate details of each unique project.


We plan the Scope, Time and Cost of each project to get achieve a quality outcome with greater transparency.


We design each project in a unique way to fit the exact requirements agreed with our client.


We start building the project, once the design is agreed upon with the client.


We start testing the build in parallel to the development, as and when a new module of the entire project is ready. We perform integration and regression testing to make sure all pieces of the project working coherently. We also perform User Acceptance Test along with Client to get final approvals from our client.


We perform deployments to either our own server or at client’s own server to Go-LIVE with the project.